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An Interactive IT Sales Conference
Organized by Sales Professionals for Sales Professionals

June 22 / Kyiv
Favor Park Hotel










This is just the conference you don’t want to miss!


who want to close more deals


that are eager to sell more


who want to build the right sales strategies


wants to increase sales









9 hours



We will bring together leaders in sales and deliver high-quality content from experienced sales specialists. You will get insights from those who closed tons of deals. You will get professional lifehacks from those who won many times in extremely difficult negotiations. Come and get valuable information from Top Sales Specialists, do not miss the opportunity to improve your sales!

Anton Fedulov

Founder of Sales Label

Lilia Udovychenko

Head of Sales at MLSDev, Founder of Deal Masters

Emmanuel Lowe

International Business Consultant

Irina Repnikova

Sales at Ein-des-ein Studio in Germany and Switzerland


This is exactly the conference where you will need a pen and a notebook. A rich program, quality materials, and useful workshops are waiting for you. We guarantee that you will get tons of useful insights during the conference hours, and your notebook will turn into a gold mine of ideas!

9:00 - 9:45

Registration, Coffee, Networking

9:45 - 10:00

Opening Speech

10:00 - 10:50

Hiroshi Shibata

CEO at Ago-ra IT Consulting, Co-founder at Imagineers, Japan Country Manager at Mobilunity
Born in Japan, educated in the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia.Worked in investment banking in IT as an internal technical consultant and a bridge system engineer for over a decade. In 2002, launched the first internet start-up. Based in Europe (Berlin, Warsaw and Kiev) since 2016
Topic of presentation: How to Sell to Japanese Market
- Peculiarities of Japanese mentality
- Peculiarities of entering the Japanese market
- How to establish contacts with Japanese companies
- Decision-making process in Japanese companies
- How to sell to Japanese companies

10:50 - 11:40

Emmanuel Lowe

International Business Consultant
Emmanuel combines his strengths in business, strategy and financial management, advising business owners and C-Level for more than 15 years. He is a multi-entrepreneur and a former PM Professor at the Business School CNAM in Paris. Over these years, Emmanuel has acquired a sharp focus on delivering products with a high customer success performance.
Topic of presentation: What Strategy Is and Why It Is important For Your Success
- Definition of strategy
- Why you should have it in your company
- How to create strategy
- Q&A session

11:40 - 13:10

Anton Fedulov

Founder at Sales Label
Anton is an expert in sales of IT services as well as the author and organizer of the Sales Label in IT communityю He has been in sales for more than 5 years and develops sales strategies with a focus on foreign markets. Has experience in building IT business from scratch: from start-ups to big IT companies.
Topic of the presentation: Simple and Complex Sales. The Most Suitable Option for Your Company
- WHY: Client Matrix Behavior - Learning to find sales points, planтing and automating sales processes
- HOW: Client Pain Matrix - Identifying problems, learning to work with client inqueries and handling them
- WHAT: Profit Matrix Pipeline - Entering new markets and managing sales channels
- Workshop

13:10 - 14:00


14:00 - 14:50

Rajan Sinha

Founder & CEO at DI-Energo
Born in India, educated in India, UK, and Ukraine. Worked in SaaS, IT security, Electronics and IT Outsourcing industry over two decades. Started his own startup for energy efficiency, mining & waste management in 2014. Launched another startup under the name EdviroLabs with the launch of Moocology and YI Institute, a smart educational platform for mentoring professionals.
Topic of presentation: Future of Business Development 2030.
- Trends from past to present and to the future of business development
- Role of automation and AI in current and future sales process
- How to prepare for future sales & business development
- Q&A session with the audience

14:50 - 15:40

Lilia Udovychenko

Head of Sales at MLSDev, Founder at Deal Masters
7 years of IT sales experience and work with clients from the USA, UK, EU. Lilia has a marketing background. She lived and studied in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, for a year. She has experience in building marketing and sales processes from scratch, developing of inbound & outbound strategies.
Topic of presentation: Selling Through a Personal Brand
- How personal brand can help you close more deals
- Why companies should not be afraid of their sales managers having their personal brands
- Strategies to build a strong personal brand

15:40 - 16:10

Coffee, Networking

16:10 - 17:00

Karen-Marie Kragelund

CEO & Founder at KmK & Partners
Agile and versatile leader with extensive experience in cross-cultural and cross-functional change management on organisational and business partner levels. Specializing in cross-border management with a focus on driving continuous improvement, bridging gaps via transparent communication and developing a culture of accountability across functions and organizational levels. Proven track record of successful deliveries and management of key stakeholder interests in high-pressure environments.
Topic of presentation: The Power of Silence
1. Is your solution perfect and able to meet any customer requirements?
a. Mapping your customers’ journeys using the hassle map
b. Identifying your customers’ pain points by listening to what they are not saying
2. Listening in
a. Culture – national, corporate vs start-ups, across different business spheres
b. Getting to yes across cultures
3. Building trust
a. How good are you – really?
b. Short term compromise vs long term partner relations
c. Making promises, aligned with the back office
4. Accepting customer critique – always or sometimes?
a. Is the customer always right?
b. Is the low-hanging fruit always the best if you want to scale your business?

17:00 - 17:50

Irina Repnikova

Engaged in IT-sales since the end of 2017. Having started her career as a lead generator at NoviLeads company, today Irina is responsible for the development of affiliate network and sales at Ein-des-ein Studio in Germany and Switzerland.
Core expertise: social selling, lead generation via LinkedIn, international sales.
In March 2019, together with colleagues from NoviLeads company, Irina founded a startup, which is aimed at developing a tool for sales automation and simplifying the process of lead generation via LinkedIn.
Furthermore, Irina is a co-author at the “Sales Crew” blog. She writes about sales and marketing in IT:
Topic of presentation: Lead generation strategies on LinkedIn. Creating a system!
Block 1. SSI: let’s get ready to sales!
- What is SSI?
- Why is it important to develop your brand?
- What is system work in brand development on LinkedIn?
- Which resources do you need?
Block 2. Lead generation strategies on LinkedIn
- Mass targeting VS point work: what to choose?
- Examples of lead generation strategies
- How to avoid a "black list" and what to do if you appeared there?
- Statistics and conversion: what to take into account?
- Block 3. Presentation of the tool for lead generation (own startup)
- Block 4. Questions









We DO NOT promise to teach you to sell from scratch and magically set up your sales processes in just one day.

Instead, we promise to share high-quality content, which will definitely inspire you with the cool ideas on how to improve sales processes in your company.

We promise you to conduct quality workshops that will give you additional practical knowledge that you can start using right away.

We promise an intense, busy day that you will not regret.

And finally, we promise you a great networking opportunity, blast of positive energy, comfortable location and delicious lunch :)





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